Winners: May 2010

First Place: Sam Bienstock, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Title: “On a Train”

What David had to say: For me, street photography is about capturing unposed, fleeting moments in public places. This picture nicely captures a child’s spontaneous joy and has been shot in the challenging environment of a crowded and dimly-lit subway train.

Second Place: Dipak Dey
Title: “Fear Game”

What David had to say: I like the shapes that the childrens’ shadows make on the material and the expression on the face of the child being held up. He’s taking part in a game, but he’s not sure how to react. Those two bold red stripes, plus the line of shadow-figures, make a great composition.

Third Place: Manoj Kayastha,  Bihar, India
Title: “Child’s Adventure”

Guest Judges: David Clark, author of Photography in 100 Words
Theme: Street Photography

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