Winners: August 2010

First Place: Charles Todd Birdsong, Paducah, Kentucky, USA
Title: Memories of Dixon Farm

What Corey had to say: I was repeatedly drawn back to this photo, I was pulled in wanting explore the details and understand the story behind the image – and that is the mark of a good image. The combination of photos works very well with the intense images framing the more subdued, mysterious elements in the center. I find that not being able to easily identify or explain all the elements in the image made it intriguing (but at the same time wasn’t too abstract to lose the viewer’s attention).

Second Place: Tapas Basu, West Bengal, India
Title: Losted

What Corey had to say: The photographer has done a great job of blending and balancing the portions of color with the black and white. The black and white portrait dominates, drawing the viewer’s eye to the details and expression of the subject’s face, keeping the image focused on the person. The patches in color add depth to the image, giving the viewer more to consider when examining the photo. I find the bright colors suggest a liveliness that is not readily apparent in the black and white portrait. A creative technique that takes this photograph beyond being an ordinary portrait.

Third Place: Glenn Foster, Croydon, Surrey, England
Title: Arrows over London

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