Winners: January 2011

First Place: Gemma Carly Pepper, Conwy, Wales
Title:“Into the Soul”
What Ralph and Chris had to say: This picture is a fantastic example of what a good portrait should be. It is so much more than a mere likeness of the sitter. A tilted head and direct eye contact immediately pull the viewer into the picture and make it hard to let go and explore the rest of the picture. The viewer definitely feels a certain command to look. On the other hand, a soft smile, partially hidden by pulled-up clothing, leaves no doubt about the pleasant personality of the model while adding a bit of mystery. This is an image to be proud of!

Second Place: Michelle Lorenzen-Hunter, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Title: “Saving the Bird”
What Ralph and Chris had to say: This picture has it all. A great composition gives the picture stability through an interesting viewpoint onto the weathered hands. I like how the thumbs lead into the picture but miss the center of interest just by a hair, forcing my eyes back up again to focus on the bird. At that point, stability turns into security and creates an interesting contrast to the animal in need. The viewing experience finishes with a warm feeling about a happy end. In a way, it’s a portrait without a face. Hands say so much about a person. Great shot!

Third Place: Gurjant singh Sekhon, Maharashtra, India
Title: “What do you think When you are looking at me? Look at my soul within… Look Closer … see me!!”

“Into the Soul”

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