Winners: April 2011


First Place: Heide Hoffman, Paremata/Wellington, New Zealand
My World Through Broken Glass
What Carl had to say: While there were many great photos included in the April entries, this image offered a unique perspective on the landscape that I haven’t seen before. In addition it has a wonderful balance of details, colors, lines, and contrasts that draw my eye all around the image, with just the right amount of softness in the background to really set off the sharp edges of the broken glass. Nice ‘backyard’ by the way!


Second Place: Volker Birke, Wunstorf, Germany
Gateway into another Dimension
What Carl had to say: This image captures the power of the landscape with only a few lines, details and color tones. The exposure helps simplify the composition to the essentials needed to communicate the power of this  spectacular landscape. It’s a great example of how opposing contrasts draw your eye into an image, while additional lines, details, and more subtle contrasts, carry your eye throughout the rest of the image.

Third Place: Giannis Maleoglou, Thessaloniki, Greece
Title: Calm Lake

Honorable Mention: Moe Chen, Scarborough, Maine, USA
Nubble Lighthouse
What Carl had to say:
In addition to the pleasing compositional balance in this image, I especially liked the effect of the long exposure on the sky and water. An image like this generally only comes from a lot of planning and experimenting as well as perhaps a little luck on the length of the exposure. Thinking about how this image was created helps open up additional ways to experiment with light on the landscape.

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