Winners: June 2011

First Place: Faisal Khan, Kashmir University, Kashmir
Title: Eternal Faith
What Peter had to say: This image scored well on many levels. The simplicity of the composition and strong sense of light set it apart from the other entries. The exposure is perfect. Light and shadow create a mood, delineate the subject and build a storytelling scenario. Shafts of light form a connection between the window and the figure, creating an energy and flow within the frame. Great image, very well executed.

Second Place: Carlyn Porter, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA
Title: Ride
What Peter had to say:
Interesting viewpoint, rich color. Placement of the shoes makes them strong focal points in an otherwise monochrome setting in shades of green. Leaving the subject’s identity just outside the frame turns the image from a portrait to an air of mystery. It involves the viewer to figure out what’s going on here. The result is an intriguing scenario with¬†much for the eye to explore. Nicely done.

Third Place: Sawsan Hafiz
Title: Spirit of Light
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