Winners: July 2011

First Place: Jamie Cortinas, Modesto, California, USA
Title: Skelly
What Corey had to say: Great blending of elements of the real person and the skeleton. The dark border and the treatment to the empty area on the right side of the image do a lot to help with the mood of the image, matching well with the decay suggested by the skeleton.

Second Place: Leslie Granda-Hill, Montclair, New Jersey, USA
Title: The Hotel
What Corey had to say:
Simplicity is key here, the dominating lines are cleanly arranged, creating a strong foundation. What makes this image stand out are the people, giving a sense of scale. The people also offer a sense of motion in contrast to the static building. Great timing capturing them with their legs and arms outstretched.

Third Place: Heather Tiffany, Aurora, Illinois, USA
Title: Sunset Through a Child’s Eyes

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