Winners: October Contest

First Place: Tomas Castelazo, Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico
Title: Old lady in San Miguel, Mexico

What Haje had to say: In the winning photo, we get a cornucopia of awesome: the strong and bold colours catch the viewers eye, and create a great negative space for the main subject of the image: The woman, bent over, taking a rest from her walk. The contrast between the colourfulness and the relative lack of colour, and between the solid door and unyielding wall, is a great effect in this image. Way to make a photograph tell a story Рgreat work!

Second Place: Richard Dodge, Holtsville, New York, USA
Title: Radiant

What Haje had to say: I love this photo for its playfulness and for the connection we have with the model. The beautiful light in her face, contrasting with the crisp blue sky, the splashes of colour from her sleeves and gloves, combined with the natural elements (the wooden table and the straws of grass in the background) make this come together great. THe expression on her face is priceless, natural, and unforced – it’s one of those photos that simply makes me happy to look at – what more could you want from a portrait?!

Third Place: Mardoni Luy, Davao City, Philippines
Title: Half Naked and the Rosary

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  1. Frank’s avatar

    Yes, great photo! and I’m sure we can go to San Miguel and find the lady! Keep it up Tomas.


  2. mardoni’s avatar

    thank you for the opportunity i dont expect ill be win.. 3rd is good for me.. :))


  3. tomas castelazo’s avatar

    What an honor! Thanks Focalpress for the opportunity!


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