Winners: December 2011

Linda Bellingham: First Place Choice:NYC Breakfast” by Eden Potter

What Linda had to say: It was nice of the photographer to mention that Starbucks made the food; however, the composition of elements in the image is perfect! And, the natural lighting is spectacular.

Jean Ann Bybee: First Place Choice: Macaroons” by J. Annie Wang, New York City, New York, USA

What Jean Ann had to say: Simple, beautifully lit, colorful. Shows a good eye

Brad G. Rogers: First Place Choice: “Ribbon Candy” by Jamie Lynn Rice, Oracle, Arizona, USA

What Brad had to say: Simple, which is often the best approach. Colorful, which catches the eye. It was fun and struck an emotion which is what everybody is trying to obtain.

Third Place Winner: “Cherry Tomatoes” by Alex Ntertilis, Athens, Greece

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