Winners: March 2012

Thanks to author Robert Hirsch for acting as our guest judge for this month’s contest! The theme was light. Bob asked me to convey his general thoughts to everyone who entered:

“I want to thank everyone who took the time to submit his or her work to the Focal Press March Photography Contest. Regarding the theme, Light is the fundamental ingredient shared by all photographs. There were many intriguing and well-seen compositions and it took me repeated viewings to make my decisions. The images that stayed with me were those in which the makers utilized light to convey an atmospheric mood that communicated essential characteristics of the subject. I encourage everyone to continue photographing and submitting your work, as each juror brings their own perspective to selecting work.”

First Place:Day End of a Barber” byAbhijit Dey, West Bengal, India

What Bob had to say: “I was drawn to Day End of a Barber due to the atmospheric way it expressively shows the intimate interaction between a barber and his client. The lone artificial light bulb serves as a reminder how the human made world illuminates the once dark night. The harsh single light source reveals the simple surroundings while retaining enough detail in the mirror to provide a multidimensional view of the subjects. The wall’s cool color balances the warm skin tones, as the doorframe provides a proscenium arch under which the interaction unfolds.”

Second Place: In the Light of Tuscany” by Jaroslaw Pawlak, Pienza, Italy

What Bob had to say: “I selected In the Light of Tuscany because of the complex, abstract, interrelationships among the colors and shapes within the compressed visual space. The raking light brings out detail in the foreground and middle ground while obscuring the background. The complementary color palette generates visual contrast. These competing dynamics encouraged me to linger and look deeper, which is what all photographers strive for.”

Third Place: “Light of Knowledge” by Thejas K Rajaram, Houston, Texas, USA

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  1. Greg’s avatar

    These are really great images, all with tricky exposures too. Is it possible to know the camera settings used?


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