Winners: April 2012: Weather

Thanks to authors Joseph Meehan and Gary Eastwood, authors of Photographing the Elements, for acting as our guest judges for this month’s contest! The theme was “weather”.

Gary Eastwood’s First Place Choice:Judgement Day” by Mike DiRenzo, Coram, New York, USA

What Gary had to say: Lots of great images made it a hard decision this month, but I love the colours and sense of scale and drama in this image. The side lighting from the setting sun gives the image warm tone and depth. I think composing slightly more on the ‘thirds’, with slightly more foreground, would make the image even stronger. With so many great images this month, I just went with the image that ‘spoke’ to me the most – and Judgement Day is it.

Joseph Meehan’s First Place Choice:Colorado Fog” by Chad Slater, Yardley, Pennsylvania, USA

What Joe had to say: The key to photographing landscapes in fog is to make use of the way the diffusing effect of the fog can separate out the different parts of the scene.

In “Colorado Fog,” the scattering of light increases as the distance from the camera position increases. In addition, there are patches of ground fog that separate out the different stands of trees and the mountains in the background. Thus, the impression is one of distinct visual layers and a progressive lowering of color saturation that combine to support the illusion of depth. Without the fog, the trees would more likely merge into a uniform mass of textured green. The photographer has also included the “S” shaped road that helps lead the viewer’s eye into the landscape. Although the description of this photograph makes note of a biker on the road, the small size of reproduction on the website does not provide enough scale to comment on this part of the picture.

Third Place: Lightning Beauty in Nature” by K.S.Rajaram, Bangalore, India

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