Winners: August 2012: Travel

Thanks to author Haje Jan Kamps for acting as our guest judge for the August contest! The theme was “travel”.

First Place Choice:Ganga Aarti at Varanasi” by Sirsendu Gayen, West Bengal, India

What Haje had to say: This photo is a fantastic shot. It encapsulates the magic of traveling beautifully; the photo screams exploration and travel to me. Technically, it’s a mighty fine shot, too – the repeating pattern of the dancers into the background looks great, and the smoke gives the image fantastic depth and a feeling of intimacy. Great stuff.

Second Place Choice: “Floating House” by Martin Tanubrata, West Java, Indonesia

What Haje had to say: Looking at this picture gives a very strong impression of being oh-so far away from home. The impossibly clear and blue water, the colourful clothes the people are wearing, and the simple concept of a floating houseā€¦ Lovely. I quite like the composition as well – there is something off-balance about this picture that draws the eye to it again and again.

Third Place: Back Streets of Naples” by Scott Moodie, Plover, Wisconsin, USA

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  1. T. Christian Wolfe’s avatar

    What form do you post your photos? They don’t show on any of our PCs. (only a red “x” on the top left corner of an otherwise totally blank white box)


    1. admin’s avatar

      Hi there! I think we fixed the dreaded red box issue, but if you’re still having trouble, feel free to send me an email!


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