Winners: September 2012: Food


Thanks to author Matt Armendariz for acting as our guest judge for the September contest! The theme was “food”, sponsored by Matt’s new book Focus On Food Photography for Bloggers.

First Place Choice:Kabsa Biryani” by Shirish Sen, Haryana, India

What Matt had to say: This photo has everything going right for it: delicious subject, great use of light, wonderful depth and very thoughtful composition. It makes me hungry!

Second Place Choice: “Tapas in Tasmania” by Jan Barton, Lago Maggiore, Italy

What Matt had to say: This photo accomplishes what great food photography is all about: it establishes a great sense of place, it’s super inviting, and manages to capture the room and food together deliciously. Bravo for this!

Third Place: “Homemade Bagels” by Amanda Sanford, Prince George, Virginia, USA

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