Winners: October 2012: Pets

Sweetness of Nemo- Kernan

 Thanks to author John and Barbara Gerlach for acting as our guest judges for the October contest! The theme was “pets,” sponsored by John and Barbara’s new book Digital Wildlife Photography.

First Place Choice: “The Sweetness of Nemo” by Carolyn Kernan, Holcombe, Wisconsin USA

What John and Barbara had to say: We liked this cute dog in black and white and loved the snow as an extra element.  We like the shooting viewpoint at the same height as the dog and the very clean non-distracting background.

 Second Place Choice: “My Mate” by David Ruddle, Suffolk, United Kingdom

What John and Barbara had to say: Another great composition, perfect viewpoint, clean background and well done image with a lot of human interest to the pose.




Third Place: “Family Picture” by Baptiste Rutko, Cork, Ireland

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