Winners: November 2012: Macro

Ritz_Water_Drop_- Slater

 Thanks to author Clive Branson for acting as our guest judges for the November contest! The theme was “macro,” sponsored by Clive’s book, Focus on Close-up and Macro Photography.

First Place Choice: “Ritz Water Drop” by Chad Slater, Yardley, Pennsylvania USA

What Clive had to say: Seizing water droplets in mid air is technically challenging. It takes multiple attempts, perfect lighting and technical knowledge (i.e. where to focus, the correct exposure, etc…) The added appeal was the brilliant color and humor that drew me in. Most water drop shots have a seamless background. I found the image both engaging and unique.

 Second Place Choice: “City Through the Bubble” by Richard Macien, London, United Kingdom

What Clive had to say:

This is a very difficult shot to capture – a floating bubble. Not only did the photographer seize the bubble, but was able to focus on the reflection. The kaleidoscopic colors of the oily surface of the bubble is a nice contrast between its gentle apparition and the earthy, staid environment. It could be construed as “the escape.”

Third Place: “The Essence of Nature” by Sawsane Abdelsamea,Cairo, Egypt

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