Winners: December 2012: Holiday

Festive Welcome

Thanks to authors Ellen and Josh Anon for acting as our guest judges for the December contest! The theme was “holiday,” sponsored by Ellen and Josh’s, See It: Photographic Composition Using Visual Intensity.

First Place Choice: “Festive Welcome” by Gerri Jones, Wilson, NY USA

What Ellen and Josh had to say: We think that the image was true to the Holiday theme and showed considerable ingenuity by creating star shaped specular highlights.  In addition the limited depth of field not only served to identify the subject clearly, it also helped to keep the visual intensity of the image within a pleasing range. Had the entire image been in sharp focus it would have been chaotic.

Second Place Choice: “Mystery in Blue” by Tatiana Loguinova, Antwerp, Belgium

What Ellen and Josh had to say: The wintery scene looks as though it would be at home on the front of a holiday card.  The limited color palate along with the vignetted edges balance the visual intensity of the delicate details of the snow icing on the tree branches creating an image we want to linger over.  The image has a very painterly and timeless feel to it.

Third Place: “Sunbath” by Tathagata Mukherjee, West Bangal, India

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  1. Tatiana Loguinova’s avatar

    …Many thanks to the judges Ellen and Josh Anon & to the whole team of Focal Press Magazine for your appreciation and for the most beautiful comments!

    I am very proud of my prize and the opportunity to introduce my artworks to the British audience!
    Looking forward to the collaboration in the future,

    With best regards,
    Tatiana Loguinova/ “TLart”


  2. Tathagata Mukherjee’s avatar

    Thank you very much Ellen and Josh Anon and to the whole team of Focal Press for your appreciation . Its a great honour for me as this gives me a stage to present my photographs to the world.

    Thanking you
    Tathagata Mukherjee


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