Winners: January 2013: Family


Thank you to author Tracey Clark for acting as our guest judge for the January contest! The theme was “family,” sponsored by Tracey’s, Elevate the Everyday.

First Place Choice: “LOL” by Naomi Weiser, Efrat, Israel

LOL - First Place

What Tracey had to say: The perspective of this shot is what first captured my attention as it’s unique and unexpected in the most wonderful way. But, beyond that, I’m drawn to the expression of each member of the family here. Each one is expressing themselves a little bit differently; each personality seems to shine through. The overall feeling of joy here is infectious! This portrait of a family is not only visually compelling, it’s emotionally expressive which makes it a great shot and a perfect interpretation of the theme family.


Second Place Choice: “Linear Family” by Kate Reavill, Headington, Oxford, UK

Linear Family - Second Place

What Tracey had to say: What I’m drawn to first in this shot is the overall composition; the space, the strong diagonal lines, etc.  The perspective of the shot offers a unique window into the leisure time of this family giving us plenty of context and a sense of place. Overall the image evokes a feeling of nostalgia and exemplifies meaningful moments spent with family enjoying life’s simple pleasures.


Third Place: “Family” by Randy Riksen, Grand Haven, MI, USA

Family - 3rd Place

What Tracey had to say: This shot captures something that every parent can relate to; the mayhem and hilarity of what family life sometimes looks like. I’m drawn to and amused by the cast of characters here and the way that even in the absurdity of it all, you can feel the family’s connection and love for one another. Obviously this was a somewhat contrived moment at a family photo shoot, but I really appreciate that this shot feels like an authentic and loving moment caught in between the poses.

Thank you to everyone who entered!

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  1. brian cooke’s avatar

    The riksen family should have won 1st!


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