Winners: March 2013: Color


Thank you to author¬†David Leibowitz for acting as our guest judge for the March contest! The theme was “color,” sponsored by David’s, Mobile Digital Art: Using the iPad and iPhone as Creative Tools.

First Place Choice: “Resting” by Ahmad Zico, Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

What David had to say: Although color is not the subject of this photo, I found the importance of color and in this case, color palette, to be too compelling to ignore. The palette, man-made, is so textured, earthy and real, that it places the subject in a world that envelopes our senses and tells a story. The dashes of color, muted yet in this context, so vibrant, are so distinct from their surroundings, each screams for our undivided attention. Bravo!

Second Place Choice: “Leaving” By Anindya Phani, Kolkata, India

What David had to say: I love this image for multiple reasons. The composition is immaculate, as the lush green path leads our eye to the center of the photo, where the human figures provide scale, splashes of color and a serendipitous progression from large to small, leading us off the side of the frame. BUT WAIT! ¬†Look at that sky…it’s almost like a bonus in this image. Just when you thought you were surrounded by color, you look up and there’s much , much more. The sky is epic, with a gradient of color that says late, or early light, magic hour either way. There is also a wonderful color symmetry with the red in the sky and the red clothes. Love it!

Third Place: “Into the Tunnel” By Danny Vangenechten, Meerhout, Antwerpen, Belgium

What David had to say: For the subject “Color” I couldn’t resist this piece. The symmetry of color, real and reflected, is cut into by these two human figures which provides us an excellent sense of scale. They are heading toward the center of the forced perspective, sucking us in too. Awesome use of color.

Honorable Mentions: (David just couldn’t resist!)

“ToolShed, Fir Island, Washington” by Edward Mchugh, Conway, WA, USA

“Drop – Colorful World” by Melahat Kizil, Izmir, Turkey

“Blue” By Apurva Madia, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Thank you to everyone who entered!

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  1. Tarang’s avatar

    Congratulations. Lovely pictures.


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