Winners: December 2013: Seasonal Inspiration


Thank you to author Brooke Shaden for acting as our guest judge for the December contest. The theme was “Seasonal Inspiration” sponsored by Brooke’s latest book, Inspiration in Photography.

First Place: “Spirits of Monsoon Playing”
by Abhijit Dey, Barrackpore, West Bengal, India

What Brooke had to say:

For the theme of “Seasonal Inspiration” I found this photograph to be spot on. It reminds me of being a child yet with the distinct feeling that I cannot fully relate: playing in mud puddles during the rainy season with my sister, yet this is a place I do not know, with people I’ve never met. The action of it is beautiful, the way the rain is captured. This picture contains one thing that I love above most else, which is joy in darkness – these boys take advantage of the rain and what it has to offer instead of staying inside or being blinded by the beauty of it. I love the connections between them, the way they all have the same goal. I love how immersed they are in the scene, completely unaware of a camera lurking nearby.

Second Place: “Way to Nowhere”
Anindya Phani, Beledanga, Kolkata, India

What Brooke had to say:

So many things about this image speak to me. The person walks away, no umbrella to stay dry but instead embracing the surroundings. The fog creates uncertainty – we do not know where the person is walking or how they are feeling. I love images where the face is hidden – it allows me to interpret the character in my own way, which may be different from what the photographer intended but makes for a more dynamic interaction. The bridge and the leading lines of the ropes draw me in, and I never want to leave.

NOTE: Brooke will be choosing another 3rd place winner since the same person cannot win twice in one contest.

Third Place: “Awakening”
Anindya Phani, Beledanga, Kolkata, India

What Brooke had to say:

There is much to love about this image, and what struck me instantly was the composition and color palette. The person in the image looks so small, while the world is so huge. I imagine it to be cold there, which adds to the intensity of the image. The water is blue while the sky is warm, and this seamlessly creates a dynamic that is both cold and inviting. We do not know what the person is doing: fishing, or maybe enjoying a boat ride, or even still, maybe transporting him or herself? The answer is unimportant, because a story is implied.

Thank you to everyone who entered!

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