Winners – March-April 2014
Theme: Capturing Light


Congratulations to our March – April Photo Contest Winners! The theme was “Capturing Light.”

Theme: Capturing Light
Inspired by the book: Capturing Light
Guest Judge: Michael Freeman

Read excerpts from Capturing Light:

Gray Light – The Beauty of Restraint

Capturing Light: Magic Hour – Magic Colors

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Comments from Michael:

“The way that judging usually goes in photo competitions is that you scan quickly through the selects, and almost immediately see the small group from which the winner will emerge. Although there’s a narrow band of maybes, it’s usually clear cut, and the uncertainties come in fighting it out with other judges! This competition, I have to say, was different. For once I don’t enjoy making a choice, because the overall level among the finalists is so high. I’m actually more concerned about disappointing the ones I do NOT pick, because they all deserve recognition. That said, it’s also a little unusual in that for the overall winner I agree with the People’s Choice of ‘The Perfect Gap @ North Curl Curl’. Simply outstanding. Much more than just camerawork went into achieving this shot.

For the two runners up, I’m choosing ‘Milky Way over the Italian Alps‘ and ‘Shining‘. Choosing between the star shots (all good) was difficult, and among the others I chose ‘Shining’ because, while the subject itself, if you simply described it, is not much—just a flower in morning dew, which has been done many times—the sheer enthusiasm evident in this image, and the explosion of light, pushed it high on my list.”

Click here to see all of the finalists!

Grand Jury and People’s Choice Winner

The Perfect Gap @ North Curl Curl
By TheFrothLab

Runner Up Winners

Milkyway over the Italian Alps
By Thomas Zagler

By Agnieska D

Thank you to everyone who entered!

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