Winners – May – June 2014
Theme: Distortion


Congratulations to our May – June Photo Contest Winners! The theme was “Distortion.”

Theme: Distortion

Inspired by the book: Lensbaby: Bending Your Perspective

Guest Judge: Corey Hilz

Read excerpts from Lensbaby:

All That Blur…

Slice Vs. Sweet Spot

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Comments from Corey:

“Grand Prize winner:

JOHN8500-Flight: The use of distortion in this photograph lends a remarkable sense of movement, particularly against the dreamlike backdrop. The selective details–the clarity of the bird’s face and right wing amidst the surrounding frenzy–and blue-gray tones are striking in their subtlety. Congratulations on an excellent achievement!


Float on: It is amazing how this images makes you feel as if you were in the water right next to the frog, seeing the world through it’s waterlogged eyes. The shot is vivid and real and allows us to explore a new world by revealing more underwater than above.

Spoons: The mixture of textures and light in this photograph is so stimulating it is difficult to look away before becoming hypnotized. The simplicity of the subjects combined with the element of distortion work so well together it makes this masterful shot seem easy.”

Click here to see all of the finalists!

Grand Jury Winner


By MrPhoto1

Runner Up Winners

Float On

By hcherdon


By timot78

People’s Choice Winner


By ianmarshall

Thank you to everyone who entered!

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